Orders and Meeting dates

Orders that meet at Beverley Road Masonic Hall

Name                                            Order        Number      Meetings
Kingston                                          Craft           1010               1st Wed February to July + October and November (18:00)
(Installation) 1st Tues December (17:30)
Web page      NONE

De la Pole                                        Craft           1605              2nd Friday (19:00) January to June + August to November
(Installation) 2nd Friday October (16:30)
Web page      NONE

Humber Installed Masters’         Craft           2494c           1st Monday February, June, October, December (18:30)
(Installation) 1st Monday February (18:00)
Web page      NONE

Lord Bolton                                    Craft           3263            2nd Saturday September to May (18:00)
(Installation) 2nd Saturday November (17:00)
Web page      NONE

Holderness                                    Craft           3563            3rd Monday Sept to Dec + February to June (18:30)
(Installation) 3rd Monday May (17:30)
Web page      NONE

Lodge of St Andrew                    Craft           4683           2nd Wednesday (19:00)
(Installation) 2nd Wednesday March (17:30pm)
Web page      http://www.hullfreemasonry.co.uk/home.asp

Andrew Marvell                         Craft           5642           4th Monday September to May + 2nd Monday Dec (18:30)
(Installation) 4th Monday January (17:00)
Web page     http://www.hullfreemasons.com/

Technical                                   Craft            5666          3rd Saturday (18:30)
(Installation) 3rd Saturday November (16:00)
Web page    http://www.technicallodge.org.uk/

Old Hymerian                          Craft           6885           2nd Thursday October to June (18:30)
(Installation) 2nd Thursday February (17:30)
Web page   http://www.6885.org.uk/

Myton                                       Craft           9808           4th Friday January, March, July, September (11:30)
(Installation) 4th Friday January (11:30)
Web page      NONE

Kingston                                 Chapter      1010             3rd Wednesday January March October December (18:00)
(Installation) 3rd Wednesday March (18:00)
Web page      NONE

De la Pole                              Chapter      1605             4th Friday February April October November (19:00)
(Installation) 4th Friday November (17:30)

Chapter of St Andrew         Chapter     4683            4th Wednesday January March May July October (18:00)
(Installation) 4th Wednesday January (17:30)

Technical                              Chapter      5666             1st Tuesday Mar Jun July Oct (18:30)

(Installation) 1st Tuesday March (17:30)

Wyke Millennium              Chapter      9696             4th Friday February April October November (11:00)
(Installation) 4th Friday April (11:00)

St Andrew                            Mark           1130             4th Wednesday February April June September (18:30)
(Installation) 4th Wednesday September (18:30)

De la Pole                             Mark            329             3rd Friday April June September November (18:30)
(Installation) 3rd Friday April (18:30)

Humber                                Mark           182             3rd Thursday Feb April June October December (18:30)
(Installation) 3rd Thursday June (18:00)

Lord Bolton                         Mark           785             3rd Friday February May October (11:00)
(Installation) 3rd Friday February (11:00)

Hull                                       KTP                6              4th Tuesday May + 4th Friday September (18:30)
(Installation) 4th Tuesday May (18:30)

AYCR                                   Rose Croix   68c            1st Tuesday February April September November (18:30)
(Installation) 1st Tuesday February (18:30)

De la Pole                           Red Cross    132             3rd Tuesday January March April October (18:30)
(Installation) 3rd Tuesday October (18:30)

Unless indicated, all above on this page have no websites of their own.