Car Park

Beverley Road Masonic Hall Car Park

At the Masonic Hall, Beverley Road, Hull, the car park is run using a vehicle number plate recognition system.

Freemasons and visitors using the building can register their vehicles using any of two different methods.
1. If you are a frequent visitor, contact the Hall Secretary, his details are known to your lodge secretaries. He can then place your vehicle permanently on the register.

2. If you are an infrequent visitor, you can register your vehicle using one of four pads situated inside the building; one in the front reception, two in the bar area, and one outside the main lodge room. To register via the pads, enter your registration number only using the touchscreen.

3. Registering your vehicle on a permanent basis is not compulsory.

4. In all cases, the make, model, and colour of your vehicle is not required.

Please be aware of the following
a) Using the pads inside the building is for single visit use only. Permission is deleted from the system at 10:00am the following day. YOU CANNOT PERMANENTLY REGISTER YOUR VEHICLE USING THE PADS.

b) Registering your vehicle permanently onto the system means that you can use that registration plate to park at any time. There is no need to reregister.

c) If your registration plate is permanently on our system be advised;
If you change your registration plate, advise the Hall secretary who will update accordingly.
If you visit the hall using a non-registered plate, always remember to use the pads inside the building.

d) It is in your financial interests to comply with these rules.

Receiving a PCN costs you £100 reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days.